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In the frame of a project called "ICT skills for youth career opportunities", funded by Microsoft, Langas į ateitį (LIA) organized a series of events for young Lithuanians between 16-24 y.o.

The concept

So far, have you been using IT only for games and Facebook?
Would you like to learn more about the role IT will play in your future?
Do you wonder how people earn money online? Or how you can build a good online reputation?

Above questions are teasers that invited more than 2000 youngsters to the informational & educational events "IT for Your Tomorrow" that were held in 9 regional centers of Lithuania in two years.

The purpose was to encourage young people to gather more information about the needs at the Lithuanian labour market, to better understand the importance of e-skills in the always increasing demand in personal competences, and to get them acquainted with e-services and e-tools for improving their employability skills.

At the events, experts like stockbrokers, architects, marketing managers, IT programmers, designers, etc. illiustrated their professions to the youngsters. They also exposed their own success stories and motivate them to take up a particular career. As working for a project partner company is something very wanted among young people in Lithuania today, it has been expected that the experts have left a strong impression.

Freedom of choice
The 5 educational events have chosen for an innovative approach. At the participants' disposal were 3 classrooms for lecturing and an information forum with 10 booths. Participants were free to choose the lecturer, topic or booth they're interested in.

Business professionals, university lecturers, regionally well known people, e-services providers, etc had prepared a total of 12 presentations: "Choosing a profession: will I need IT?", "My career planning", "Making money on the internet?", "Your online reputation", "The start of my independent financial life", "IT in TV", "You and your first Job Interview", etc

The Information forum included e-services and e-products that have been relevant to young people that have been looking for a job, starting their own business or planning to take a loan for studies. They were able to use Skillage to test their ICT skills for a job or learn useful tips about privacy settings on Facebook, etc.

Strong partnership
While preparing the concept of the youth events, LIA decided to build a strong partnership with social partners and business companies, who are all able to invite good experts and provide professional, competent information about the use of information technologies in relevant occupations.

LIA succeeded in involving numerous partners and all its stakeholders into the project: banks, IT and telecommunication companies, social partners such as Lithuanian Labour Exchange,Microsoft, the NGO Enterprise Lithuania and the Lithuanian Youth Council - all participated in the youth events. LIA also invited all important local community actors such as high schools, universities, regional libraries, etc.

Events calender
9 events were held in Klaipėda, Utena, Alytus, Šalčininkai, Ukmergė, Jonava, Kuršėnai, Telšiai and Tauragė.

Presentation of project results is available here.

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