Modern Ways of acquiring ICT Knowledge

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In 2008 Langas į ateitį received a grant from Microsoft Unlimited Potential Programme to implement a project "Modern Ways of acquiring ICT Knowledge" and develop four online e-learning courses. With this project Langas į ateitį until 2010 is encouraging Lithuanian residents to study online about safer internet, communication possibilities on the internet, Excel and PowerPoint software.

The project "Modern Ways of acquiring ICT Knowledge" is an initiative increasing computer literacy of Lithuanian adults. After successful project "Computer Literacy Basics for a Lithuanian E-Ciizen" it became clear that many participants, who gain basic knowledge on computer and internet usage, want further improve their skills. Langas į ateitį evaluated special needs for further learning and developed for online courses that are useful for adults with minimal computer literacy knowledge.

Over 2 700 persons finished online courses in 2008. Some statistics about participants:

  • Every participant studied approximately three themes.
  • 58 percent of course participants live in large cities.
  • Women were more active and made a major part (79 percent) of learners.
  • The majority of participants (70 percent) were aged 26-55.