Computer Literacy Basics for a Lithuanian E-Citizen

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During March 2006 - August 2008 Langas į ateitį implemented a project "Computer Literacy Basics for a Lithuanian E-Citizen" in line with the Single Programming Document (SPD) 2004-2006, Measure 2.2., Area of Activity 4 "Development of Population Computer Literacy". The project was financed by EU Social Fund and association Langas į ateitį.

The aim of the project was to solve the existing problems related to the insufficient computer literacy of Lithuanian population. The organized courses provided computer literacy and internet usage basics to 50 400 Lithuanian residents older than 16 years of age, including 400 persons with disability. The training syllabus was developed with reference to the Computer Literacy Standard, approved by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, harmonizing training content with the ECDL e-Citizen Syllabus.

Trainings were organized on the national scale in all 60 municipalities of Lithuania. When selecting places for courses a particular attention was paid to rural residents and elderly persons. 
Participants of the courses gained free of charge basic knowledge and information on the most modern e-services necessary for a computer user. Langas į ateitį implementing this project strove towards higher level of computer literacy of the Lithuanian residents, promotion of competiveness of he trained persons in the labour market and improvement of their opportunities to receive information needed.

Presentation of project results (booklet, 440 KB )