Basic ICT training

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Encouraging development of information society in Lithuania association Langas į ateitį is providing computer literacy and internet usage trainings to adults. Besides the creation of public internet access it is crucial to provide knowledge how to use information technologies and in this way to increase the usage of computers and internet.

In 2003 Langas į ateitį initiated large-scale trainings on computer literacy and internet usage basics. Over 20 000 Lithuanian adults attended the organized courses. The main goal of the project was to demonstrate the benefits of the internet, to encourage people to use computers and e-services at work and at home, to invite people to use further acquired knowledge in Public internet access points.

According to the data of society research at the beginning of 2003 there were about 2 million adults in Lithuania, who did not use internet. Langas į ateitį set its goal to reduce this number and the provided trainings attracted more than 20 000 participants.
Some statistics about course participants:

  • About 60 percent of course participants were aged 35-60; 36 percent aged 18-35; the rest part - people over 60 years of age. The average age of course participants was 40.
  • 80 percent of course participants were women.
  • Over half of participants had higher education.
  • The most frequent profession of course participants were teachers (28 percent). The courses were also attended by 10 percent of unemployed people.
  • The majority of the participants gave positive or very positive evaluation to the quality of the courses (99.4 percent). The majority also decided to improve further their computer literacy knowledge.