Educators are prepared to teach programming basics

During September and October, 300 primary school teachers from all over Lithuania studied on a newly developed online course for educators “Easy Coding” were got introduced to two programs for game coding “Kodu” and “Construct 2”. Trainings were organized by association “Langas į ateitį” in the scope of Microsoft YouthSpark funded project “Through Coding Basics to IT Careers”.


The project “Through Coding Basics to IT Careers” is planned to engage secondary school teachers and provide them with skills to transfer the principles of programming basics to their students. The aim is to encourage youngsters to get interested in programming at school, obtain initial coding skills and thus prepare for the future digital jobs. At the same time the project will help fill the gap of the huge shortage of professionals in the IT sector.

“Since 2008 Association is implementing Microsoft funded projects that help our mission to encourage the development of information society in Lithuania. The current project targets young people to get more interested in programming and future ICT careers” – says Mrs. Loreta Križinauskienė, Managing Director of Association “Langas į ateitį”.

More information about Microsoft YouthSpark program can be found on http://YouthSparkHub.com and http://Microsoft.com/imagine.