Four European organizations are developing an online educational platform for youth workers

While some European countries have formalised and standardised the approach to youth work, many others have not. On the other hand, everybody, including the European commission through the Erasmus+ programme, strive to professionalize youth work. To achieve that goal, four European organisations gathered around Youth Work HD project, and will, through its two-year implementation, develop the online platform for education of youth workers.

The partnership consortium is led by the idea that youth workers possess specific knowledge and skills that enable them to successfully carry out their jobs and activities, unrelated to their specific fields: experienced sport trainers, with extensive knowledge of sports pedagogy, art workshop leads, bursting with creative ideas, or educators working in informal sector, trying to plug the gaps of the formal educational system. Project partners, Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka (Croatia), European Grants International Academy Srls Unipersonale (Italy), Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (Latvia) and Association Langas į ateitį (Lithuania), who employ and cooperate with numerous youth workers during their daily work, concluded that to strengthen the profession, it needs to share a common foundation – and applied with the project Youth Work HD, that will develop the online educational platform and provide youth workers with a set of knowledge and skills that they themselves think will strengthen and improve their work, enable better cooperation with stakeholders and improve recognition of youth problems and needs.

Partners recognized the following knowledge and skills: cooperation with relevant stakeholders in youth field, policy impact on youths, reaching out to young people though everyday communication and use of ICT tools in youth work.

The first six month of the implementation of the Youth Work HD project is already behind the four partner organisations. During that time, partners developed and conducted a research about youth worker needs. A bit over 500 youth workers, that mainly originate from one of the countries of partner organisations, pointed out reaching out to young people as the crucial set of knowledge and skills in their everyday work, and expressed great desire to cooperate and exchange knowledge and skills with their colleagues. That is exactly what the online educational platform Youth Work HD will provide, and it is already in development by the four partner organisations.

Youth Work HD is a strategic partnership financed though the Erasmus+ program.