Lietuvoje minima Saugesnio interneto diena


2018 m. vasario 6 d. Lietuvoje minima tarptautinė Saugesnio interneto diena. Šiais metais Saugesnio interneto dienai visame pasaulyje skirtas šūkis „Junkis, kurk, ir dalinkis pagarbiai: geresnis internetas prasideda nuo tavęs!“ kviečia interneto naudotojus, ypač vaikus, atkreipti dėmesį į interneto turinį ir prisidėti prie saugesnio interneto kūrimo.

Saugesnio interneto diena minima daugiau nei 120 šalių visame pasaulyje.Praėjusiais 2017 metais daugiau nei 21 000 mokyklų ir 19,5 milijono žmonių visame pasaulyje dalyvavo šios dienos organizuojamuose renginiuose ir veiklose.


2017 metų trečiąjį ketvirtį RRT gavo 1069 pranešimus apie neteisėtą ar žalingą turinį internete

2017 m. III ketvirtį Lietuvos Respublikos ryšių reguliavimo tarnyba (RRT) interneto karštąja linija gavo 1069 pranešimus apie neteisėtą ar žalingą turinį internete. Interneto naudotojai siuntė pranešimus apie internete aptiktą informaciją, susijusią su rasinės ar tautinės nesantaikos kurstymu, pornografija, vaikų seksualinio išnaudojimo vaizdais, narkotinių medžiagų platinimu ar patyčias internete, taip pat apie neleistiną asmeninės informacijos skelbimą.


Four European organizations are developing an online educational platform for youth workers

While some European countries have formalised and standardised the approach to youth work, many others have not. On the other hand, everybody, including the European commission through the Erasmus+ programme, strive to professionalize youth work. To achieve that goal, four European organisations gathered around Youth Work HD project, and will, through its two-year implementation, develop the online platform for education of youth workers.


Digital skills for every European: Telecentre Europe becomes ALL DIGITAL

Since 2010 association “Langas į ateitį” is a member of Telecentre Europe network which is a leading European organisation in the field of digital skills. Celebrating ten years of partnerships, campaigns and development, Telecentre Europe has become ALL DIGITAL.


International Girls in ICT Day 2017

gi IMG 2880Today the International Girls in ICT Day 2017 is celebrated with events around the world. It is aimed at encouraging girls and young women to consider studies and careers in the growing field of ICT, while at the same time highlighting the growing importance of digital skills to pursue successful professional careers across sectors. The day is celebrated around the world since 2014 as the initiative of International Telecommunications Union (ITU).


Get Online Week celebrated in Lithuania for the eighth time

The European Get Online Week (GOW) is an annual digital empowerment campaign that engages and encourages people to use technology and the internet with confidence and with skills that allow them to benefit from the world of online opportunities. Supported by corporations, NGOs and public authorities, the campaign is organised each year in March by Telecentre Europe, an umbrella organisation that represents European networks of ICT learning centres.


The role of school librarians as internet safety educators is increasing

Many students are aware about possibilities that internet provides, however not everybody is considering the risks. This is the impression from school librarians who educate their students about the ways to stay safe online. Internet safety is the focus of Safer Internet Week, celebrated during 6-10 February.


Educators are prepared to teach programming basics

During September and October, 300 primary school teachers from all over Lithuania studied on a newly developed online course for educators “Easy Coding” were got introduced to two programs for game coding “Kodu” and “Construct 2”. Trainings were organized by association “Langas į ateitį” in the scope of Microsoft YouthSpark funded project “Through Coding Basics to IT Careers”.


Presentation of project results for Lithuania's teachers

Generation0101 logoAt the very end of summer a final conference in Lithuania of project Generation0101 was organised where teachers from all across Lithuania were invited. During the event the project was introduced with a big emphasis on the whole training structure and training material as well as possible results, that can be achieved in a short time frame. The ICT training is of great importance to teacher in Lithuania, as there is a lack of IT specialists and the interest is ICT related subjects and carriers is still not big enough. The courses and materials that were created during the project and introduced during the conference seemed like a step in a right direction, where teachers have more tools to educate and interest their students.


Skills for a Better School

MSFT logo rgb C GrayLithuanian association „Langas į ateitį“ has just announced about a newly developed course for educators “Easy Coding” and started for the online registration. Over 300 teachers registered in 3 days. It explains the importance of the topic and the need for teachers to acquire knowledge and skills urgently needed in a modern school of today.