Activities & Awards

Leading Lithuanian business companies - mobile telecommunications company Omnitel, fixed telecommunications company TEO LT (former Lietuvos Telekomas), largest banks Swedbank (former Hansabankas) and SEB (former Vilniaus bankas), as well as the largest Lithuanian IT companies Alna and ATEA (former Sonex Co.), came together and in May 2002 formed Langas į ateitį (Window to the Future) alliance.

Langas į ateitį initiated cooperation among business companies and government institutions. Such cooperation allowed to achieve best results.

  • Cooperating with local municipalities and local communities Langas į ateitį established 75 Public internet access points (PIAPs) in 2002.
  • In the end of 2002 the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania joined Langas į ateitį alliance under the signed cooperation agreement which stated the contribution of both sides to the creation of the united Public internet access points establishment strategy in Lithuania. During 2003 Langas į ateitį and the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania together established 100 PIAPs, mainly in small and remote areas.
  • Besides provision of the Internet access to the population in 2003 Langas į ateitį launched courses on computer literacy basics for 20 000 adults in Lithuania using funds of its founders.
  • Activity of PIAPs establishment was further followed by the Ministry of Interior which in 2005-2006 implemented PHARE 2003 social-economic programme project and additionally established 300 new PIAPs in rural areas of Lithuania.
  • In 2006-2008 Langas į ateitį implemented the project "Computer Literacy Basics for a Lithuanian e-Citizen", which was funded by the European Social Fund. During the project 50 400 adults were provided with knowledge of computer literacy and Internet basics in Lithuania, including 400 persons with disability among them.
  • In 2006-2008 Langas į ateitį together with partners participated in project "Development of Rural Internet Access Points Network". The project was implemented by the Ministry of Interior and funded by EU Structural Funds. During the project PIAPs' network was expanded into remote rural areas, where 400 new PIAPs were established and 83 PIAPs renovated. As a result, today Lithuania has a network of more than 800 PIAPs.
  • Since 2008 Langas į ateitį is offering an opportunity to all interested persons to improve their computer literacy knowledge through distant training. The project "Modern Ways of Acquiring ICT Knowledge" is financed together by Microsoft Unlimited Potential Programme and Langas į ateitį.
  • In 2010-2012 Langas į ateitį implemented another ES funded project "Online services for a Lithuanian e-Citizen". 16 259 course participants were trained how to use the internet and most popular e-services such as e-bank, e-health, e-government, etc.
  • Currently Langas į ateitį pay a lot of attention of the safer internet issue. Several projects were implemented developing e-course and methodology for educators about the internet threats and how to protect children from the harmful content in the internet.
  • Since 2012 Langas į ateitį together with partners implement "Safer Internet LT SICII" project. Our organization takes the role of awareness raising and training center.
  • Recently Langas į ateitį have introduced a new distance learning website for Lithuanian residents - www.epilietis.eu the aim of which is to encourage public and private e-services usage in the country.

The activity of Langas į ateitį alliance has become a successful example of cooperation among business companies and government institutions in Lithuania.



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  • 2003 Infobalt Media contest nomination "Project of the Year"
  • 2004 Knowledge Economy Forum Award "Company of Knowledge Economy 2004"
  • 2007 The New Book Carrier Award "Best e. Content"
  • 2012 European Social Fund Award "Successful Partnership"
  • 2013 The New Book Carrier Award "Best e. Solution"



  • 2007 World Summit Award nacional nomination "Best e. Content"
  • 2008 EC e-Inclusion Award "Digital literacy" 1st place
  • 2010 EC RegioStars Award "ICT applications for e-inclusion"
  • 2011 European Alliance on Skills for Employability Award "Enhancing the role of women using modern technology"
  • 2012 Telecentre-Europe Awards "Best community blogger" 2nd place
  • 2017 ALL DIGITAL Best Cooperation Project Award for “Generation0101”